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Aug 24, 2020
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

The links for Live Results and Tracking are available.
The Results page shows that Start List at the moment.

Please remember "It’s the Ultra folks, but not as we know it."
Several aspects of the event will have to be different to keep in line with the Guidance from the Scottish Government and from Scottish Athletics.

Feb 1, 2020
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

Follow the link for Strathearn 2020 Results.
Follow the link for results - sorry for the delay, we had to sort out a few anomalies.

Jan 3, 2020
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

MacTuff 2020 on January 5th 2020 Class results now available.


CMS - 2.2.13 - Moosomin

Details of bug fixes and software updates.

The latest version should be found in the LatestUpdate.Zip archive in downloads.

27/3/2020 KitST_V2f.uf2 Improvement to setting Volume. Now consistent between Configuration Software and the On Clock menu. Settings saved,

15/3/2020 KitST_V2d.uf2 S55 setting now saved and retrieved with other configuration settings


25/11/2019 KitSTV2-a.uf2 Fixed bug in 2 minute start. Countdown now works correctly.