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StirlingToughest 2017 Short

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Bib # Last Name First Name Finishing Time Chip Time Split Times Sex Age
Bib # Last Name First Name Finishing Time Chip Time Split Times Sex Age
49CichanskiPaul 00:23:02.03 00:22:48.46Finish: 00:23:02.03Male45
56CowanJohn 00:31:58.55 00:31:49.33Finish: 00:31:58.55Male28
80DochertyMaria 00:32:06.39 00:31:50.73Finish: 00:32:06.39Female50
137FowlerRobert 00:19:45.59 00:19:43.93Finish: 00:19:45.59Male26
158KerrCameron 00:19:03.60 00:19:02.48Finish: 00:19:03.60Male13
159KerrEuan 00:20:29.58 00:20:26.72Finish: 00:20:29.58Male43
160KiddieKsenia 00:35:21.57 00:35:12.35Finish: 00:35:21.57Female16
161KingMichael 00:24:39.68 00:24:26.34Finish: 00:24:39.68Male34
163LonsdaleCameron 00:23:32.22 00:23:27.07Finish: 00:23:32.22Male16
164LonsdaleDavid 00:28:18.02 00:28:06.42Finish: 00:28:18.02Male45
169MackinnonSusan 00:32:25.23 00:32:07.07Finish: 00:32:25.23Female56
172MathiesonBlain 00:39:53.45 00:39:42.49Finish: 00:39:53.45Male22
174McleanJoan 00:32:24.30 00:32:10.08Finish: 00:32:24.30Female55
185RussellVictoria 00:32:30.59 00:32:12.48Finish: 00:32:30.59Female46
188SimpsonAlison 00:27:42.41 00:27:32.62Finish: 00:27:42.41Female31
195StewartSusan 00:31:44.38 00:31:29.51Finish: 00:31:44.38Female42
275WegeliusChristina 00:28:52.80 00:28:43.34Finish: 00:28:52.80Female22
278YoungRory 00:29:13.12 00:29:06.37Finish: 00:29:13.12Male26

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